Peel CAF


Donating to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation shows a donor’s commitment to the community and its future. Children and youth involved with Peel CAS have benefited greatly from the generosity and dedication of our corporate and major donor partners. With generous donations from our corporate and major donor partners, we are able to provide children and youth in care with the same opportunities afforded to their peers like school trips or music lessons, as well as basic life necessities like clothing, diapers, food, and education.

Become a corporate donor

Our team will work with you to develop a program that meets your corporate goals and recognition needs. We also provide a comprehensive employee engagement program, with team building and group volunteering opportunites on-site at our head office, providing group tours, team activities and hands-on volunteering at our Distribution Centre. Reach out today and find out how your corporation can make an impact in the lives of youth and children in our community!

Become a major donor

Major donors help inspire a legacy of giving back to their communities. We will work with you to create a giving program that aligns with your vision of impact you would like to see for your community. We can provide a wide range of recognition opportunities for you, your family, or organization, helping to share the impact of your gift and inspire more acts of generosity for others. Reach out today to speak to one of our team members to start your giving journey today!

Our Donors

Thank you to our generous corporate and foundation donors who have supported children, youth and families at Peel CAS! Your generosity and drive to give back to our community created incredible impact in the past year on the lives of the children involved with Peel CAS.

Leaders $100,000 +

Champions $50,000 +

Benefactors $25,000 +

Allies $10,000 +

Advocates $2,500 +