Peel CAF

Bold 2024

We are elevating and enriching our signature event and will launch BOLD 2024 next year in the Fall. BOLD 2024′ strives to effectively communicate the important work done by the foundation and bring unity within our community. Our mission is to ignite a powerful understanding of giving within our Foundation, helping attendees feel an unbreakable connection to the incredible impact they have on the lives of children and youth. Our captivating 1-night event will be a fresh immersive experience filled with engaging elements and unique spaces to ensure a level of intimacy and networking remains accessible for our attendees. We are deeply committed to cultivating a deeper understanding of what giving to our Foundation means. Our utmost priority is to ensure that every attendees feels a genuine investment in providing children and youth with nurturing childhoods, equal access to education, and a pathway to future success as a valued member of society. Our event is designed to resonate with the very heart and soul of the transformative work we fund. It serves as a powerful reminder to shift perspectives, delve deeper into the cause and inspire others to do the same.

Stay tuned for how YOU can be part of this transformative evening in 2024!