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You can help make a difference for children, youth and families in our community by organizing a fundraiser! There are several different fundraisers you can plan- including: picnics, sports events, fashion shows, concerts, golf tournaments, barbeques, dances, talent shows and more!

Here are some helpful steps for organizing a fundraiser:

some ideas with friends, co-workers, and family. Consider: Who will come? Where will we have it? Will it cost anything? Do I need permits? Will weather play a factor in the success of the event?

Recruit some people to help with your fundraising event, and decide what role everyone will play.

Develop some fundraising goals. Remember to make your goals realistic.

Develop a budget based on your goals. Ask several places in the community for a quote so you can get the best possible price for your event. Having a budget helps avoid unexpected bills, so that your event is successful in raising funds for children and families in need.

Decide on where and when you will have the event. Remember, you may need to book a venue far in advance, or get a permit for any public place. Make sure that someone else isn’t having a similar event that day so you aren’t competing with other community members.

to register your event, complete the community event agreement form and talk about ways that the Foundation may be able to help.

your event. Make sure you let the community know you are having the event. Try using flyers, community listings, local papers and/or posters in community recreation centers and libraries.

for the event. Make sure you have enough people helping out the day of the event to ensure everything goes as planned.

Make sure you enjoy the FUNdraiser! Organizing the event should be lots of fun!

no later than 30 days after the event to submit all funds. Funds raised will help children and families in the community who are in need.

for a job well done and for helping to support the children and families in your community!


Bring your skills, talents and positive attitude to help children and youth reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Sign up to become a volunteer today!

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