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Let’s level the playing field and build a more equitable future.

Holiday Wishes For All

Join with others in our community to help raise $350,000 to touch lives through our Holiday Wishes For All Campaign. Help spread joy, energy, and radiance throughout the holidays and all year long!

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Who we are

Peel Children’s Aid Foundation was established in 2003 to raise funds to support innovative and urgently needed programs and services for children, youth and families in our community. These programs receive little to no government-funding. We hope to inspire you to support programs that give children and youth in our community the chance to experience nurturing childhoods, equal opportunity to education, and future success.    


Will you help to break down the barriers that keep children and youth from lives of joy and purpose. Will you be a game-changer?

Our Funded Programs

Learn more about our programs and how you can help!

How to help

From donating to volunteering, learn more about the different ways you can help make a difference for children and youth in and from care.

Peel Children’s Aid Foundation is a charity that enriches the core work of Peel Children’s Aid Society with vitally-needed additional services essential to long-term outcomes and building resilient communities.

​The Foundation is locally based and community driven, which allows us to focus specifically on supporting the needs of children and youth through specialized programs and family relief funding such as diapers, clothing, and grocery gift cards.

Youth Resources

If you’re a young person looking for support and information, look no further. Take a look at our resources page for details about supports for your education, employment, mental health, and more.

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Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation4 days ago
If you have not seen the film Uncharitable this is your opportunity to stream it, free of charge, until December 3rd courtesy of Peel Children's Aid Foundation

There is a request to consider a donation at the end of the film, however there is no pressure to give. The film is FREE to stream through this link for one week. Don't miss this opportunity. The film is ground-breaking.

For those of you who work or volunteer in the charitable sector, you will feel seen, heard, understood and valued. Please give yourself the gift that is watching this film by Stephen Gyllenhaal and Dan Pallotta
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation4 days ago
This holiday season, we hope you'll consider supporting the children, youth, and families we work alongside who are facing some of the most difficult challenges you can imagine. They need us now more than ever. ✨️

To help support, kindly create your very own crowdfunding page or make a contribution towards or fundraising goal.❤️🎁

Please click on the following link to help spread holiday joy now. ✨️
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation2 weeks ago
Our 2023 Holiday Wishes for All is here! ✨️🎁

And ready to serve over 3000 children, families, and youth this year! 🥰

Click on the following link now to help support.❤️
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation2 weeks ago
Thank you to the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts for your continued support! We are extremely grateful. ❤️
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation2 weeks ago
Ethical storytelling can be tricky. On the one hand, we have a lot of young people who want the opportunity to tell their story and say thank you. They tell us that finding and using their voice is an important part of working through the impact of their experiences on their young lives.

On the other hand, we need to be sure we are not exploiting these young people or their stories. We want to ensure they understand the impact of putting their stories out into the world. We want to ensure the 'helpers' are not all white-presenting and those being 'helped' people of colour - because that upholds the 'white-saviour' narrative.

We are deeply grateful to the incredible young people who wanted to share their story. They are inspirational. They are awesome! We also wanted to introduce our new CEO Maryann Kerr, to an audience of donors and sponsors as our new staff leader. For Maryann, it was important to include our longtime volunteer leader E. Craig Trenholm, who has been instrumental in ogranizing an amazing event for Peel Children's Aid Foundation for more than fifteen years. 💙

We hope you will consider joining us as sponsors for be BE BOLD 2024.
Save the date: November 7th, 2024. ✨️

For 2023, please consider joining our Holiday Whishes for All campaign here ❤️🎁:

P.S. We are grateful to Paul Jacob and 903 Productions for their professionalism, commitment, creativity and passion for this work. We look forward to working with you again.🥰
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation
Peel Children's Aid Foundation2 weeks ago
The most amazing Emcee! 👏 👏👏
Peel Children's Aid Foundation