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Every gift in a will makes a difference for kids, today and in the future. Your legacy will transform the future of child welfare, delivering innovative programming and support. And your impact will be BIG. To inquire about making any of the gifts below, please reach out to our Director of Philanthropy:

Explore the different ways to give a legacy gift below:

Leave a gift of life and love for all children in our community.


Leaving a gift in your will is a simple and impactful way of giving. Remembering Peel Children’s Aid Foundation in your will is an act that is generous, powerful, and surprisingly simple. It allows you to leave a larger gift than would be possible during your lifetime, while still retaining control of your assets. 

You can leave a piece of property, securities, cash, or even a percentage of your estate. Your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt that can lower or even eliminate estate taxes. You also have the opportunity to honour or memorialize yourself or a loved one by establishing a named endowment fund. 

Leaving a gift to Peel CAF in your will is simple. Talk it over with your family and loved ones, then speak to your lawyer about drafting or revisiting your will, or adding a codicil. You can also speak to our Director of Philanthropy for more information:

  1. Be sure to inform us of your bequest and your wishes. It will give us the opportunity to thank you and, more importantly, to discuss what you hope your gift will help to accomplish. Of course, we will respect your privacy and confidentiality. Every gift in every will makes a difference.  

Donate stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and take advantage of tax benefits.

When you make a gift of securities to Peel CAF, you’re joining the movement for healthy children in a way that has immediate impact. By donating publicly traded securities, you eliminate the capital gains tax that you’d have to pay if you sold the securities and then donated the proceeds. You’ll also receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation.

Securities can include stocks, mutual funds, segregated funds, bonds, flow-through shares, and employee stock options. You can give now, or as part of your estate and will planning.

Giving is simple. Consult your financial advisor to decide which investments make the most financial and philanthropic impact. Then ask your broker to transfer your securities to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation by completing the appropriate transfer form. And finally, get in touch and let us know you have made your gift so that we can show our appreciation.

Use an existing policy or create a new policy to make a donation.

When you give a new or existing life insurance policy to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, you’re turning small monthly premiums into a significant gift.

The insurance benefit will eventually be paid directly to Peel CAF and is separate from your estate, so there are no administrative costs or probate fees. Your gift has no effect on your estate’s assets. And you’ll receive a charitable tax receipt that can be used in your lifetime, or for your estate.

Ways to donate life insurance:

  • Name Peel Children’s Aid Foundation as the beneficiary of a policy. Your estate receives a tax receipt for the proceeds of the policy.
  • Transfer ownership of a paid-up policy with Peel Children’s Aid Foundation named as the beneficiary. You can receive a current tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy or defer the tax receipt for your estate.
  • Transfer ownership of a partially paid-up policy with Peel Children’s Aid Foundation named as the beneficiary. You will get a tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy and annual tax receipts for your ongoing premium payments.
  • Take out a new policy with Peel Children’s Aid Foundation as the owner and beneficiary, and receive annual tax receipts for your ongoing premium payments.

To make a gift of life insurance, contact our Director of Philanthropy ( and your insurance provider to transfer ownership of a policy, create a new policy, or change the policy beneficiary to Peel Children’s Aid Foundation.

Include Peel CAF as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF.

When it comes to transferring your wealth to the next generation, retirement funds are among your most heavily taxed assets. Registered assets can only be rolled over to a surviving spouse, but are taxed if they’re transferred to children or next of kin, unless a child has a disability.

Donating your RRSP or RRIF funds to Peel CAF is a tax-smart and effective solution. By naming Peel CAF as a beneficiary of registered plans, you’ll retain ownership and use of the fund during your lifetime, receive a tax receipt for the value of the plan, avoid probate fees by removing these assets from your estate, and reduce your overall estate taxes. You can choose to donate all or a portion of your retirement funds, and still provide for your family by naming more than one beneficiary.

The gift is simple to make. Just request a Change In Beneficiary form from your plan provider and name Peel Children’s Aid Foundation as beneficiary of all or a portion of the RRSP or RRIF and return the document to your provider.

Multiple ways to invest in Peel CAF and benefit from tax savings. 

Gift of property:

Real estate, jewelry or art can be an attractive way to make a substantial gift to Peel CAF with significant tax benefits. You can give the property outright, place it in trust to retain the use of it for life, or gift it by will.

Charitable gift annuity:

This allows you to make a gift to Peel CAF, while at the same time securing guaranteed income for life. An annuity consists of two parts: a gift to Peel CAF for which you receive a tax receipt, and a guaranteed stream of income for you and your surviving partner.

A minimum of $50,000 is transferred to Peel CAF. At least 20 per cent is counted as an immediate donation to Peel CAF, for which you receive a tax receipt. The remainder is used to purchase an annuity from an insurance company providing a guaranteed income.

Charitable remainder trust (CRT):

A CRT is a life income gift that enables you to give today and receive immediate tax savings, while retaining use of the asset.

Essentially, you transfer a property like real estate, investments, or artwork into a trust to be managed by a trustee (a financial institution, a lawyer, yourself, or other individuals). You name Peel Children’s Aid Foundation as the remainder beneficiary in trust and keep an interest in the property for the rest of your life. After a prescribed period of time, or upon your death, the asset is transferred to Peel CAF. This allows you to use the property or receive income from it during your lifetime, while receiving a tax receipt you can use today.

Connect with us to discuss your legacy giving options today:
Ambar Syed
Director of Philanthropy
905-363-6131 x1165

*Peel Children’s Aid Foundation is committed to managing the resources and funds entrusted to us in a transparent and responsible manner. This includes ensuring specified funds for programs are spent accordingly. However, should Peel Children’s Aid Foundation receive funds which, for various reasons, are not able to be utilized for the designated programs, donations will be allocated towards programs with the highest need.